Sunflower Oil, Rapeseed Oil, Soybean Oil Extractor

Sunflower Oil Extractor. Rapeseed Oil Extractor. Soybean Oil Extractor


Sunflower oil (rapeseed, soybean) extractor – is a cylindrical vessel with rotor inside. Rotor consists of cells, inside which the extracted material is situated. The cells are open at the top and at the bottom; they are continuously filled from the transporter which is at the top of sunflower oil (rapeseed, soybean) extractor. The cell are moving slowly so that one cell is almost filled with the material at a time when the next cell comes to the feeding transporter.

Material is kept in the cells with a help of fixed slotted loop bottoms (sieves) which are situated under the cells. These sieves are made of concentric V-shaped rods, i.e. the gaps between the rods are increasing downwards, that’s why the possibility of blocking of the gaps between the rods is negligibly small. Also such a construction makes outlet of solvent or miscella from the layer of material much easier.

After extraction material is fed to the gasproof bin with a screw conveyor, which is a part of sunflower oil (rapeseed, soybean) extractor. This screw conveyor hermetically feeds the material to the conveyor to the toaster, and is controlled with electronic control system.

The solvent is fed to the sunflower oil (rapeseed, soybean) extractor in counter-flow to the direction of extractor rotation. Liquid solvent leaks (percolates) through the layer of material and slotted bottoms to the bottom part of the sunflower oil (rapeseed, soybean) extractor extractor which is divided into several segmental divisions intended for collection of miscella and its feeding to the pumps. These segmental divisions separate miscella of different concentration and prevent its mixing. Concentration of oil in solvent increases while pumping in counter-flow through the material in cells.

Drive of the sunflower oil (rapeseed, soybean) extractor consists of adjustable speed motor, gear reducer and chain all around the sunflower oil (rapeseed, soybean) extractor rotor. sunflower oil (rapeseed, soybean) extractor rotation speed is regulated according to the quontity of fed material.

All the process is controlled with the electronic control system (PLC), that synchronises the speed of feeding conveyor, sunflower oil (rapeseed, soybean) extractor and discharging conveyor. Automation system consists of sensors, PLC and frequency converters, that are programmed and controlled with a help of computer system.

Material Time of “washing” in extractor, minutes:
sunflower 100
rapeseeds 120
soybeans 60

The equipment comes disassembled / individual parts should be collected and welded on the jobsite.

Extractor is automated to control the flow of material during operation. The automation system consists of sensors, PLC and frequency converters, programmable and controlled by a computer system for synchronizing the flow of solids in the workflow.

Used all necessary safety standards, as well as other standards for high-risk areas in the production of vegetable oils

The main objective of the protection system in the extractor - control the speed of the loading screw extractor and unloading auger, simultaneous and synchronized transitions according to the operating parameters between them.

The system ensures:

  • uniform extraction;
  • constant level of material in the cells regardless of the amount of product;
  • permanent sealing, guaranteed by controlling the level of the product